Thursday, February 23, 2012

Logitech mouse problem using Maya

Every year or so I reinstall windows on my work rig. It takes about 4 hours out of my day, but in the end I've got a machine that runs just as fast as the day I bought it. The only problem with that is you've got to remember to back up EVERYTHING. not just your working files, but also your itunes folder, that contains all your playlists, album art, and everything else that makes your itunes run smooth and silky. I used to run into the same problem with bookmarks, but now with Xmarks there is no problem with that at all. The only other thing that I've had a problem with is my Logtiech mouse and Maya.

I've been using Maya since 1998. Longer than most people on the internet have been alive. I have mixed emotions about admitting that. Regardless...I also really like logitech mice. I think they make a good product and I rarely have problems with them. That being said - when it comes to Maya, there is a consistent problem in that holding down ALT and the middle mouse button should all you to pan across your screen. But the default mouse settings don't allow you to do that.

Usually this takes me about 2-3 days to figure out because I fix the problem and forget to write it down. NOT ANY MORE!!

here is the solution.

in your window home button, search for mouse. This should bring up the logitech setpoint settings. under button 3 the default is set to zoom. Select other, then press the select function button. From the drop down, select Generic button. THAT'S IT!! problem solved.

You're very welcome future self.

- Jeremy